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Laura M

Laura M

Name: Laura Mcllveen
Age: 20
Year of the Fix: 2014
Location: Ballymoney, County Antrim
Campaign: To show people that OCD is a serious mental health condition

I was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) about three years ago.


Many people think it’s a personality quirk, but actually, it’s a mental health condition, which can be extremely debilitating.


I’ve learnt how to control the condition now, but at my worst, I’d feel compelled to do certain things because I was scared something bad would happen if I didn’t.


With Fixers, my team and I are campaigning to help others understand how OCD affects people and also show those who have it, that there is help available.

Thank you to Fixers Emma Boyd, Jamie Fletcher, Kane Williams and Laura Cloughley for helping me with my Fix.

Northern Health and Social Care Trust

Cathy Temple, Assistant Psychologist, Coleriane Mental Health Resource Centre, supported the Fix by providing an interview for the broadcast item.  


Daniel Ames and Lucy Carter also supported the Fix by providing ideas for the project.

October 2014

My Fixers film was added to the Awareness Foundation for OCD website. The Foundation has been educating the public about OCD since 1992 and they feel my film will be able to help others seeking information about this condition.


September 2014

The response to my Fixers film has been very positive! It has received almost 2,000 views within the first week of being online.


I was also delighted to see world-famous illusionist Derren Brown tweeting about my Fixers project!



I've had some really great feedback which you can read below:


'There was no better way to explain to my family how I felt than by showing them this video. It's definitely helped them understand a little more about my position.'


'Really well put together video. I feel it will be good for young sufferers as we need to identify early support.'


'The video is honest and genuine in the understanding and fight against OCD. Laura's awareness is superb.'


'A quick and easy visual aid which clearly shows the mental and physical challenges of OCD. This would be extremely useful as part of a training course for teachers, doctors and any other professional body.'


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