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Feel Happy In The Media



Young people can feel their mental health issues are stigmatised or misreported in the media, when flippant and unsympathetic terms and descriptions are used.

Their anxieties are exacerbated by publications that promote ‘perfect’ standards of beauty, displaying digitally-enhanced images on their glossy pages.

As part of The Feel Happy Fix Live, 16 to 25-year-olds from across the UK are identifying the biggest issues relating to mental health and the media, before proposing practical solutions to make change for the better.

Find out more about some of the Fixers already working on projects in this area…



Shannon Finan

Encouraging young people to love the way they look, without being influenced by images in the media, Shannon is promoting positive ideas of body image. Click here to read more about her campaign.

Maddie Wilshire

Critical of the unrealistic standards of beauty that can be portrayed in the media, Maddie is urging young people not to get caught up in comparing themselves to images they see in magazines. Click here to find out more about her campaign.

Carys Hill

Fighting back against the pressure young people feel to look perfect, Carys Hill wants others to be confident in their own skin. Click here to read about her Fixers project.

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