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Feel Happy At School



Three pupils in every classroom have a diagnosable mental health condition, which could affect their ability to engage and perform at school.

A number experience bullying, some struggle with the stress of exams and others try to progress with their education while coping with depression, an eating disorder or self-harm.

As part of The Feel Happy Fix Live, 16 to 25-year-olds from across the UK are identifying the biggest issues to affect young people’s happiness at school, before proposing practical solutions to make change for the better.

Find out more about some of the Fixers already working on projects to make schools happier…  

Summer Garcia

Urging people to recognise school phobia as a legitimate and serious condition, Summer Garcia is raising awareness of the anxiety disorder that causes pupils to fear being in class. Click here to find out more about her campaign.

Safe For Kent Fixers

Encouraging young people to break their silence on mental health, a group from Kent, who raise awareness of the issue in schools, want others to open up and talk about their problems. Click here to learn more about their campaign.

Allie Mackinnon

Knowing what it’s like to live with a mental health issue, Allie Mackinnon is calling for greater understanding in schools, so that more young people feel able to speak about their problems. Click here to read more about her campaign.

Kieran Mulvaney

Determined to prevent people from taking mental health issues lightly, Kieran Mulvaney and his team want illnesses like depression to be given the same consideration as physical ailments. Click here to watch their Fixers film set in the classroom.

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