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Naomi Lea


‘My panic attacks meant that I couldn’t stay in lessons. I couldn’t be around a lot of people and I self-harmed for a while because I felt so isolated.’


Naomi felt alone and isolated when she began to experience severe panic attacks four years ago. The 19-year-old, from St Asaph in Denbighshire, has made a Fixers film which she hopes will help young people spot the signs of mental health conditions and offer support to those who need it.


Click here to read more about Naomi’s Fixers project.

Connor Moody-Russell


'It's important to understand the triggers and learn the different triggers for a set person or family. Everyone’s got their different triggers so narrowing down what they are can help prevent or stop the anxiety. ' 


Along with anxiety and depression, Connor Moody-Russell believes he was suffering from Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). The 19-year-old from Southampton has encouraged other young men to feel confident in their bodies and to seek help if they too are suffering from BDD.


Click here to read more about Connor’s Fixers project.

Demi-Leigh Freeman


‘When I was thirteen I felt different. I felt awkward around people and completely avoided everyone. I’d get palpitations in my heart and could feel it beating really hard. I’d feel down, I'd not talk about anything, I was scared of being judged.'


Demi-Leigh struggles with anxiety and was diagnosed with depression shortly after her seventeenth birthday. After getting the right support, the 20-year-old believes asking for help is the first step towards recovery and wants people to find the confidence to speak to someone they trust.


Click here to read more about Demi-Leigh’s Fixers project.


Louise Bown


‘I remember feeling really bad about myself and thinking that I wanted to die. I was shy and reclusive and was very quiet in school - I felt isolated and alone.’


Louise is no stranger to anxiety, having battled it since she was a child. The 21-year-old, from Erdington in Birmingham, finds writing poetry a relief from her mental health problems. She made a film with Fixers featuring one of her poems, showing young people that you can conquer mental illness.


Click here to read more about Louise’s Fixers project.

Megan Haste


'My anxiety first started when I was 13. I don’t really know why. I would often get breathless on the bus and start crying for no reason when I was in class.'


Megan, from Lisburn in Northern Ireland, has made an animated film with Fixers to show people suffering from mental health problems that things do get better. The 20-year-old says it is important to stay positive, to take control of your emotions and seek help from your GP.


Click here to find out more about Megan's campaign. 

Beverly Held


‘I want to inspire people to reach out to someone and know that the internet has a good side and that it is not all negative.’


Beverly Held has battled with anxiety and depression and wants other young people to know that although mobile phones can be extremely useful signposting you to help, they can also be dangerous.


The 22-year-old, from Tyneside, made a film with Fixers encouraging others to exercise caution when online.


Click here to read more about Beverly’s joint project.  

Jessica Jayne


‘I spent so long just hating myself because of the way I was feeling, and all that time I could have been helping myself, I could have been seeking help, instead of feeling annoyed at myself for something that’s so common. I want people to know that it’s okay to talk about it.’


Jessica wants to spread the message that it’s OK not to be OK. She remembers spending so long hating herself because of the way she was feeling and wished she had reached out for help sooner. The 23-year-old, from Leyland, produced an animation with Fixers highlighting the stories of three people and how they came to accept their mental health problems.


Click here to read more about Jessica’s Fixers project.

Crystal Rose Turner-Brightman


‘The road to recovery is never easy but with a strong support base and the desire to become the person you want to be, you can find the strength within yourself to turn your situation into a positive new way of life.’


Crystal was badly burned as a child and suffered with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety as a result of the incident. The 16-year-old, from Hampshire, is currently working with Fixers to produce a film which focuses on the road to recovery – it’s a journey, not a destination.  


David Lloyd Morgan


‘With anxiety, you’re scared to get to know people but also scared to be alone. It’s an endless paradox. Also, I am a socially anxious extrovert. I usually hide a lot of what I am feeling with humour.’


As well as suffering with his own mental health issues, David has to support his mum who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The 21-year-old from Welshpool has created a film with Fixers which aims to raise awareness and educate others about the effects of MS.


Click here to read more about David's story.  

Georgia Edwards


'When I’m on a high, I fell almost like I can fly. But the lows are very hard. You have no energy, you struggle to get out of bed. You can have really dark thoughts and feel you can’t cope with life anymore.'


Since being diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, Georgia has had several dealings with the police. She wants officers on the frontline to be trained on how to handle young people suffering a mental health crisis, especially anxiety. The 24-year-old from Hereford has made a film about her experiences with the police.


Find out more about Georgia's project here.

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