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Meet the Experts

Dr Polly Carmichael


'In terms of how we work, it’s about building up trust with a young person. It’s about an alliance – working together to think about gender but also other aspects of a young person’s life and crucially the difficult decision some young people make around whether or not to pursue physical treatment.'


Dr Polly Carmichael is a consultant clinical psychologist from the Tavistock and Portman NHS Centre, which is England's only gender identity clinic for children. 


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Dr Eli Joubert


'I think it’s important for friends and family of young people who tell them that they live in the wrong body, or that they might have gender dysphoria, to be open to listening to what that young person is saying and really try and understand what is happening.'


Dr Eli Joubert is a clinical psychologist who specialises in psychosexual therapy. He is a Teaching Fellow [Clinical] on the Doctoral Program in Clinical Psychology at the University of Surrey.


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Mr David Ralph


'We’re seeing a 20 per cent increase year on year of gender reassignment surgery. If you cast your mind back 20 years or so ago these patients were ostracised. Now they’re accepted into society, it’s much easier to go to work and to be themselves.'


Mr David Ralph is a consultant urologist. 


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