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Feel Happy (Eating) Fix


Tuesday 16th June 2015



Young People Fixing

Eating Disorders

With recent statistics revealing that more than 725,000 people in the UK are affected by an eating disorder, Fixers is putting the issue under the spotlight.  

On Tuesday 16th June 2015, young people with experience of eating disorders gathered at an event in London, supported by the Wellcome Trust, to share their stories and help make positive change for the future.

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The Event


The Feel Happy [Eating] Fix on Tuesday 16th June 2015 was a one-day event. It included a series of workshops where young people with experience of eating disorders discussed what went wrong for them in six different aspects of their life – home, work, school, the media, health services and at ‘play’.

They then came up with ways to put things right, so that other young people can get the help they need, when they need it.

Experts on the topic of eating disorders were given the unique opportunity to listen to the young people's experiences during a discussion led by Dr Dasha Nicholls from Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The outcome will be a set of policy proposals for decision-makers and government.




Fixers Shannon Finan and Naomi Rodgers with Wellcome Trust's National Programme Adviser Farrah Nazir at the event. (L-R)


Feedback following The Feel Happy [Eating] Fix has been overwhelmingly positive, with Fixers and delegates taking to Facebook and Twitter to share their thoughts on the day. Here are some of their comments:




Dr Dasha Nicholls

Dr Dasha Nicholls, Joint Head of the Feeding and Eating Disorders Service at Great Ormond Street Hospital, led discussion during the afternoon session at The Feel Happy [Eating] Fix. 


'The stories that I heard were all familiar, but it was refreshing to see so many young people talking about the solutions.


‘Not only do events like this help young people with their own recovery, but they also help to break down barriers such as isolation, which is very important.’

“Real understanding of what it means to be a young person living with an eating disorder can only come through genuine engagement and in depth exploration of their experiences. We are delighted to be supporting this project, which does exactly that, and wholeheartedly commend the people involved, especially those Fixers who will be sharing their own stories in their own words.” Farrah Nazir, National Programmes Adviser at the Wellcome Trust.

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