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We asked the new team members some questions to get to know them and find out why they are so excited to be working with Fixers.



What are your main roles with Fixers? To give more people the opportunity to hear about the huge variety of projects our Fixers are so passionate about and inspiring them to support Fixers through making donations, hosting a fundraising event or being sponsored to do something crazy!


Why did you want to work with Fixers? I jumped at the chance to work with Fixers from the moment I watched the ‘What is Fixers?’ video on the website. Fixers both inspire and challenge me and to work within my peer group on a range of issues that I have also experienced seemed like a great way to spend my time!


What do you want to achieve while working with young people? I want to make it possible for us to be ambitious with how many Fixers we can work with by securing vital funding. This allows us to put the Fixer themselves at the heart of their project by giving them the opportunity to use their unique voice to fix what matters most to them.


Favourite colour: purple, green, blue, pink… Don’t make me choose one!


Hobbies: I love losing myself in a good book, baking, eating what I bake, tidying up after my husband and looking after our half-blind hamster!


Something people may not know about you: When I was younger I had very straight hair, it naturally became curly the older I got – no perms involved!



What are your main roles with Fixers? My role is to support the Growth and Innovation team in raising lots of money for more Fixers to go out and get their voices heard.

Why did you want to work with Fixers? I have always enjoyed the satisfaction of volunteering in an area I feel particularly passionately about so I jumped at the opportunity to work for Fixers. I believe that young people should have more influence in big issues which affect them and their families, Fixers facilitates this.

What do you want to achieve while working with young people? I want to help young people to have a voice about the things they care about and help them grow in confidence. 

Favourite colour: Changes on a daily basis, but red or green!

Hobbies: Politics, current affairs, folk/punk music and cinema.

Something people may not know about you: When I was younger, my siblings took to calling me ‘Krill’ … to this day I have no idea why.



What are your main roles with Fixers? To inspire and encourage companies and individuals to support Fixers projects. This support is vital as it will enable more young people to have a voice.

Why did you want to work with Fixers? Until I came across Fixers, I hadn’t heard of anything like it. The concept of giving young people a voice; letting them take the lead in changing things that matter to them, is so unique and special, that I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I am also excited by the prospect of being able to head a new and expanding team.

What is your role within Fixers? As part of a growing team, I imagine my role will develop as time progresses. Part of what makes it exciting is that there is so much scope to take on different roles and try different ways of doing things. Ultimately, I am here to ensure that we continue raising the funds to facilitate our wonderful Fixers’ projects.

What do you want to achieve while working with Fixers? While working for Fixers, I would like to accrue as much funding as possible, so that we can continue to support our young people. I will continue our work in providing a platform for young people to have their voices heard, build their self-esteem and ultimately make change.


Favourite colour: Blue, but sometimes I like to mix it up with purple.

Hobbies: The two Ts- tech and tai chi! I have a bit of a technology addiction, and when I see a new gadget, I have to buy it. I have practiced tai chi for a number of years.



This February show your Love for Fixers and support our work across the UK today. 



Fixers works with all young people, giving them the opportunity to be valued for who they are as individuals and their contribution to society. Each project is personal and unique with 9 out of 10 campaigns inspired by something the Fixer (young person) has experienced themselves. With projects on eating disorders, mental health, bullying, homelessness, drugs and many more issues, Fixers have been through some difficult situations but are united in the way they want to overcome those obstacles and use their past to change the future for themselves and for others.


What could you help us fix next?


Fixer by Fixer we are building a nation of young people who are individually empowered, community focused and socially active. We have big dreams for the future of Fixers, but we need your help; support Fixers today by making a donation, nominating Fixers as your chosen charity at school or in your workplace, or holding an event to raise funds for Fixers.


To donate £5 text FIXR01 £5 to 70070 or to donate £10 text FIXR01 £10 to 70070.


To donate a larger amount or set up a regular donation, click here.


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