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Posted On: 1st Apr 2014

Alopecia Fix On ITV

Fixers Lauren (L) and Courtney (R)
Lauren makes some adjustments ahead of the Fixers photo shoot
Michelle Chapman strikes a pose

After seeing someone close to her experience the life-changing effects of alopecia, a Plymouth Fixer and her team have launched a colourful campaign to raise awareness of the hair loss condition.

Watch their story, broadcast on ITV News West Country (W) in April 2014, above.

Led by 16-year-old Lauren Lyons and her friend Courtney Drage (16) the group want to tackle the stigma surrounding alopecia, while showing those with the autoimmune disease they aren’t alone.


‘Alopecia is a lot more common than people think,’ says Lauren.


‘Somebody that loses their hair can feel quite vulnerable. I have a relative who has it.’


Courtney adds: ‘Society puts a great pressure on people’s appearance, especially through the media.


‘We’re surrounded by lots of images of people with perfect hair.’


With Fixers, the group have enlisted the help of several women and a little girl with alopecia to feature in a poster campaign.


They’re using body paint and brightly coloured props to show that a person shouldn’t be defined by their hair.


Click on the images below to enlarge the posters.



Michelle Chapman from Alopecia Awareness, features in poster series and is one of three people living with alopecia to appear in the broadcast film.


‘Not having hair makes you feel very alone and very isolated at first,’ she explains.


‘The doctors can’t tell you very much about it.


‘They don’t know why it happens and they don’t know how to fix it and that’s a very difficult thing for anyone to come to terms with.’


Fixer Lauren adds: ‘It was incredibly inspiring to meet people who’ve been through these experiences and to see how they’ve dealt with it.


‘I hope that people with alopecia see our posters and have more confidence in the fact that there are people out there like them.


‘I also hope it helps those that don’t have alopecia better understand what it is.’


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Author: Emily Tolloczko


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