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Posted On: 7th Jan 2014

Alcohol Abuse Fix on ITV

Actors portraying Fixer 'Daisy' and her mum
A reconstruction in the broadcast film
Leanne Smullen, Alcohol Family Rehab Specialist

A Fixer, who grew up fearing her mum would choose alcohol over her, is campaigning to show the damage binge drinking parents can cause their children.

Her story was broadcast on ITV News Meridian (W) on Thursday 9th January.


Seventeen-year-old ‘Daisy’, whose real name has not been used, says she was ten when she first noticed her mum had a problem with alcohol.

She remembers caring for her and putting her to bed when she’d return home drunk in the early hours of the morning.

‘She didn’t drink every night and every day. It was just that when she did go drinking, she’d come back very, very drunk,’ Daisy explains.

‘I understand that alcoholism isn’t a person’s fault and they shouldn’t be blamed.

‘But, as a young teenager, I didn’t think of it as my mum having an illness.


‘When I was waiting for her, I’d just constantly think the worst – that she’d died or she wasn’t going to come back.


‘It made me feel very angry and hurt because my mum was choosing alcohol over me.’


Daisy’s mum ‘Alison’, not her real name, also features in the film.


‘I last had a drink just under a year ago and I stopped drinking then because I would have lost my daughter,’ says Alison.


‘I feel very, very guilty and ashamed at how selfish I became.’


With Fixers, Daisy wants to create a film to show parents who are problem drinkers, and their children, the importance of seeking help.


Leanne Smullen, a Drug and Alcohol Family Rehabilitation Specialist at Phoenix Futures, appears in Daisy’s TV piece in support of her project.


‘The children of alcoholics are often really reluctant to come forward and seek help,’ Leanne says.


‘A resource like this would show them that other people are going through similar experiences and it’s okay to talk about it.’


Daisy adds: ‘I want to help people by showing them that things can get better.


‘The relationship between me and my mum has improved since she stopped drinking.


‘It’s still not perfect, but I am starting to trust her again.’

Author: Emily Tolloczko


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