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Posted On: 20th Sep 2013

Online Support for Diabetics

The team of Fixers
Messages written by people at the event
The team of Fixers at the event

A team of Fixers who have type 1 diabetes have launched a website aiming to provide support for the thousands of young people living with the condition across Scotland.


Led by Samantha Louise (18), the group unveiled the new site at an official launch event in Glasgow on Sat. 7th September.


It was attended by more than 100 people and included guest speeches and team building exercises.


Samantha feels their website, which was designed in partnership with Fixers and DiabetesUK, will make it easier for young people with diabetes to relate to each other and enable them to get the information they need.


‘I think there is support out there but nobody is sure how to find it,’ she says.


‘Unfortunately, everything that is available seems a little outdated. We hope the website we have created will appeal to younger type 1 diabetics.


‘A health care professional can sit and talk to you for hours on end about 'your condition' but the best kind of support, I think, comes from somebody who has it themselves.’


The 18-year-old says working with Fixers has helped her meet like-minded people and she explains how living with type 1 diabetes has changed her life.


‘Having type 1 obviously means a lot of awful moments, but at the same time it brings with it so many strengths and admirable qualities.


‘I have become a more patient person since being diagnosed and, furthermore, I think it means that I should help other people. It's made me more compassionate and caring, and I tend to appreciate things a lot more these days.


‘Being part of the group has meant I can share my problems and talk about my highs and lows. All my expectations have been completely exceeded.'


Looking forward, Samantha has high hopes for the website and its potential to bring young diabetics together.


‘I hope this project provides the building blocks for future generations and that our site can be updated and passed on to new diabetics so their ideas can be explored as widely as ours have been.’


You can visit the website by clicking the link below.




Author: N. Farooq


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