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Posted On: 13th Jun 2013

Life on a Limited Diet

Fixer Eilidh
Fixer Eilidh

A girl, who had a severe reaction after eating broccoli two years ago, wants to raise awareness about food intolerances through short viral videos.


Eilidh Ellery from Fife is severely sensitive to salicylates, which means she can’t eat any fruit or vegetables and even some meats.


Constantly having to check what's in her food, her diet is limited to things such as nuts and certain white meat.


A doctor diagnosed the 24-year-old with the condition a couple of years ago after she experienced breathing problems and swelling in her throat following a meal.


Eilidh, who even has to be careful with scents and certain materials, is creating a viral video campaign with Fixers, aiming to ensure people with food intolerances don’t feel 'different' - and are taken seriously.


She says simple things like going out with friends can be hard because of her sensitivity to smell as well.


‘It has definitely changed my life. I have to be a lot more careful with what I eat and where I go,' she explains.


'If somebody sits next to me the bus with a strong perfume on or if I walk past an Indian restaurant where you can smell the food, it can set things off. 


‘When I first had a reaction, it was really scary. I remember I couldn’t breathe and my whole throat started swelling up.'


Eilidh, who also experiences fatigue due to her condition, also says it can often be mentally exhausting being so careful with food every day.


‘It can get hard at times but it’s just one of those things,’ Eilidh explains. ‘Some people still think you’re being picky, so I want to change the way food allergies and intolerances are viewed but also do something about helping those with them.


‘By raising awareness, I hope to achieve both of these objectives.’

Author: N. Farooq


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