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Posted On: 16th May 2013

A Reminder to Think Twice

Fixer Jordan Bone
Jordan speaking with some young people about her project
Fixer Jordan Bone

A young woman paralysed from a car crash is creating a wristband campaign to warn young people about taking unnecessary risks, both on and off the roads.


With the help of Fixers, Jordan Bone (23) is creating the wristbands to give young people a constant reminder about how precious life is, and how everybody is unique but not invincible.


In a short film promoting her project (above), Jordan explains how a car accident when she was 15 years old changed her life forever.


At the time, Jordan accepted a ride from a male friend who had only just passed his test. It was the first time Jordan had been in a car with someone her age, and soon after accepting the ride, the driver lost control of the car.


The car slipped on the wet road surface, flipped onto its roof, and landed in a ditch. The other passengers in the car were fine, but Jordan broke her neck in the accident and lost the use of her limbs.


Jordan has since regained some use of her arms and hands, and still continues with physiotherapy.


She has not let her paralysis bring her down, and has a series of inspirational videos on Youtube, and her own blog.


‘The wristbands will hopefully show young people just how amazing life is, and how there is no need to cut it short through unnecessary risks,’ says Jordan.


‘I made a decision which has changed my life, and I feel stupid for getting in the car now. But I was lucky.


‘These wristbands will be made after I've talked to young people to see what is important to them in life.


'Once made, they remind the wearer exactly how lucky they are to be alive, and how amazing life can be. The risks you take can not only affect you, but they can have consequences for the people around you too.’


Jordan’s wristbands are currently in the design stages and are expected to be completed in June. You can watch the short film at the top of this story for more information about Jordan's project.


Author: Ashley Scrace


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