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Posted On: 8th Apr 2013

Breaking Media Moulds on ITV

(left to right) Fixers Felicity Frank, Lee Carson and Lauren Bruce
Felicity and Lauren talk with creative producer Phil Nelson about their project
The crew during filming

A group of Fixers from Berwick Upon Tweed, determined to make a difference, hope to challenge negative media stereotypes of young people.


The Fixers are worried the media focuses on the negative things young people do rather than supporting those who are doing good.


Co-lead Fixer Lauren Bruce (17), who is currently doing her A-levels, says young people are an easy target these days, especially in the media.


‘I’ve noticed that negative news about young people more often than not makes its way into the press as opposed to something good,’ she explains.


‘It’s really frustrating because all we want to do is get on in life and just hope to be given the same chances as everyone else.’


The group, who meet regularly at Berwick Youth Group (a key supporter of their campaign), are working with Fixers to create a resource that will address this issue.


Their Fixers resource will show how a young person can be portrayed in different ways, even in the same scenario.


They want to challenge the assumptions made by the media about youth and give courage to those who feel they are subject to generalisations.


Felicity Frank (17), who is also a co-lead Fixer on the project says: 'Young people in the media are hounded by negative stereotypes and by doing this project we hope to break these stereotypes down.’ 


Author: N. Farooq


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