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Posted On: 22nd Mar 2018

Talk to heal wounds

An actress plays Delilah
The teenager was abused by two different men
She wants people to know talking helps heal wounds

A teenage survivor of child sexual abuse is telling other victims to reach out and get help.


Delilah, whose real name has not been used, was sexually assaulted on two occasions by two different men.


She has teamed up with Fixers to make a film about how talking can help heal the wounds of abuse.


‘I was so depressed and upset when it all happened,’ said Delilah, 17. ‘But I want people to speak up and know they are not alone; there is lots of help out there.’


The young woman was also a victim of domestic abuse as a child when her step father became violent towards her and her siblings.


The abuse continued for five years until one summer the family fled and moved hundreds of miles away.


‘We just left everything behind,’ she said. ‘After this I felt better than ever and life was perfectly fine.’


Several years later Delilah was sexually assaulted by a boy from her school. Months after this she was assaulted again, this time by an older man.



In her powerful film Delilah has written a poem about her experiences.


It states: ‘I remember how things used to be, behind the shadows of my misery.

‘Dark clouds covered overhead, the family home filled with dread.

‘Violence, torment, fear had plagued our hearts.

‘Then one day we were finally free, from the shackles of our misery.’


Delilah hopes her film will inspire other young people to speak out about abuse and see the light at the end of the tunnel.


The film ends with the words: ‘I was my own saviour, helping and listening. I have banished all my demons, I am free to dance and sing.’


This project was funded by comic relief.


To find other resources on this topic, and watch Fixers films, click on the image below.


Author: Lucy Tatchell


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