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Posted On: 14th Mar 2018

Autism and Art

Eddie Callis wants people with autism to give art a go
Eddie finds art helps him to feel less stressed
Dr Rachel Moseley is supporting Eddie's campaign

‘I am always doing things and running out of time. Art helps me to just focus on one thing only, and I don’t get stressed out.’


Eddie Callis from Falmouth was diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum when he was 18.


He has joined forces with Fixers to encourage other people with autism to give art as it can bring many therapeutic benefits.


For the last few years, he has been making music and painting pictures.


'My message to people on the autistic spectrum is to give art a go,' says Eddie. 'There is always something creative in your life to try.'


Eddie, who’s now 25 and has a studio in Redruth, wants to share his experience of creativity with other people on the spectrum – to help them with the challenges that life throws at them.


He shared his story on ITV News West Country on March 14.



University lecturer Dr Rachel Moseley, of Bournemouth University, studies autism and is supporting Eddie’s campaign.


She says there is evidence that creativity can help people with the condition.


‘It can give them a really good opportunity to express themselves which is often quite difficult,’ says Dr Moseley.


‘Arts and creativity can also be generally very stress relieving and so for someone with anxiety and depression which can be very common on the spectrum – these can be a great outlet.


'Another great thing about creativity is that often it’s not such a social thing and so it allows a person on the spectrum to thrive at something by themselves and do really well.’


Eddie adds: ‘There is always something creative in your life to try. Pick up a piece of paper and draw a picture. That’s the first start of being an artist. Anything is possible!’


Eddie's project was supported by the Wellcome Trust.




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Author: Paul Larsmon


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