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Posted On: 7th Mar 2018

Bullying Impact

Stephanie Keenan
Stephanie has designed a poster
Jill Allen from Salus

'I want to get my message out that bullying isn't just a laugh. People should tell someone straight away if they are being bullied.'


Stephanie Keenan, 18, from Ramsgate in Kent, says she wants the victims of bullying to have the courage to tell someone they trust and not suffer in silence.


Her story was broadcast on ITV News Merdian (E).


Stephanie's Fixers project is aimed at stopping bullying in its tracks before it gets out of hand.


After going through it herself, she eventually reported what was going on to her Head of House at school.


'I got bullied when I was in Year 8. I just got called names and it just made me feel like I didn't want to go to school,' she says. 'There were two girls that made my life really difficult.


'It changed me. I was just moody and had an attitude.  I didn't tell anyone because I didn't feel confident.  I didn't know what to do.


'I'd come home from school and just sit upstairs listening to music, didn't even speak to my mum. I’d just sit and cry.


‘I wish I had told someone as soon as it happened because it would have got dealt with so much quicker.'


Stephanie has designed a poster campaign with Fixers which shows how a young person's self esteem and confidence can be worn down by long time bullying. 



Speaking about it, she says: 'It shows someone happy, enjoying life at school, a second one sad when they're starting to get bullied and a third one where they seriously can't take no more.'


Jill Allen from Salus, a member of the Anti Bullying Alliance, supports Stephanie's campaign.


She says: ‘Half of all children in Kent schools will be bullied at some point when they go to school.


‘For most of them it will just be one off, but for others it could be something that follows them throughout their school careers.


'It's important to speak out if you're the target of bullies - it's really important to speak out if you see other people that are being targeted by bullies, it really does make a difference and it can stop things in their tracks.'


To find other resources on this topic, and watch Fixers films, click on the image below.


Author: Lucy Thwaite


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