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Broadcast On: 5th Oct 2017

Creativity in Dudley

Guy is encouraging people to creatively shape their communities
Guy has been adding artwork to abandoned spaces
Patrick Harley, leader of Dudley Council, is enthusiastic about Guy's campaign

'Dudley’s got a lot of potential. It’s got a lot of beautiful architecture and buildings. The only problem is there are a lot of shops and abandoned buildings that have been left to rot for years.' 


Guy Holness, 26, is determined to make his home town of Dudley a place where people can be proud to live.  


He believes the local community should be encouraged to take ownership of their town and brighten the place up using art and nature.


He says: 'Everyone claims there's not enough money being spent in Dudley, and that the town need more money to be redeveloped, but I believe with colour and creativity we can regenerate the town in a different way.' 


He told his story on ITV News Central on October 5. 


'A small group of us have managed to get a few materials, to get some paint and some boards and add them to the abandoned spaces in and around the town centre. It has a dramatic impact,' adds Guy. 


Guy also makes planters and wants people to brighten up the area by taking over abandoned spaces and transforming them with plants or making them into gardens that people can enjoy.



Through his Fixers project, Guy had a meeting with the leader of Dudley Council, Councillor Patrick Harley, who is enthusiastic about what Guy is trying to do. 


He says: 'As long as there is a degree of cooperation and partnership between the authority who own the buildings and the creative young people, this is something we could possibly work on.


'It's all about trying to make Dudley town centre look attractive.' 


Guy has been promised a future meeting with the council and is optimistic improvements to his town can be made.


He says: 'If you painted a town grey then everyone walking around the town would start to feel grey, but if you paint a town colourful everyone starts to feel colourful.


'There's a lot of potential in the town. We just need to find this creative solution.' 


To find other resources on this topic, and watch Fixers films, click on the image below.


Author: Lucy Thwaite


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