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Posted On: 5th May 2017

Strength From Bullying

Lauren Taylor
Lauren Taylor
Lauren Taylor's Fixers film

An aspiring singer-songwriter is thanking the bullies that ruined her school years for ultimately making her a stronger person.


Lauren Taylor, 22, has now teamed up with Fixers to make a music video for her song called ‘Why Did You?’


She wants young people who are currently being bullied to find strength from the video and understand that things will get better.


Lauren has cerebral palsy – a physical impairment that affects movement and co-ordination - and has always used a wheelchair, which made her a target for bullies.


‘The bullying started when I went to a mainstream senior school and it made me incredibly unhappy,’ says Lauren, who lives in Bournemouth. 


‘They called me names, jumped on the back of my chair and tried to tip it up.  They did everything they could to make me jump and stole my dinner money from the schoolbag on the back of my chair.’


Avoiding school as much as she could, Lauren says telling her teachers didn’t help because their involvement made the bullies give her ‘payback’.


‘I dreaded going to school.  I had some friends but they weren’t always in my classes and one good friend joined the bully’s side and decided she didn’t want to know me.’



Lauren finally escaped the bullying when she moved areas, and started at a new school for children with special needs.


Today she says her awful school years have made her the person she is now.


‘But even though it was such a negative experience, it has definitely made me a stronger person.


'I still get criticism from the public sometimes and I can deal with it better because I went through such a hard time at school.


'It made me develop coping strategies and I came out the other side the positive person I am today.  


'I hope my music video shows young people who are struggling to turn a bully’s negativity into their own positivity.’


Since leaving school, Lauren has completed a BTec in music and wrote ‘Why Did You?’ about her experiences of being bullied.


The music video she made with Fixers’ features flashbacks of Lauren being bullied at school.


This project has been supported by The Blagrave Trust


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Author: Sarah Jones


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