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Posted On: 23rd Feb 2017

Lower The Voting Age

Megan wants the voting age lowered to 16
Megan appears in the Fixers film
Megan made the film with students from Charter's School in Bagshot

A teenager who was frustrated with not being given a say in Britain's decision to leave the EU has created a film with Fixers calling for the voting age to be lowered to 16.


Megan Oyinka, who was 17 when Britain voted out in June last year, says it's ‘unfair’ that young people under 18 aren’t able to play a part in major decisions.


Now 18, she says: ‘The Government is making key decisions about our future and not giving us a say.


‘I feel like it wasn’t made clear that it would take two years for Brexit to happen – by which time myself and a lot of other young people who weren’t able to vote will be 18 anyway. It’s really frustrating.’


Megan shot her film at Charter’s School in Bagshot, Surrey, where she is studying for her A-levels. She plans to share it on social media and at a conference with members of the British Youth Council, and hopes that it will send the message that 16-year-olds would benefit from being given the vote.



The teenager, who says she would have voted to remain in the EU, adds: ‘Giving young people the vote will make them want to understand politics more and it will make them feel empowered – it would allow them to have their say on important issues and give them a voice.


‘If you’re old enough to get a job, move out, and get married, then you’re old enough to be able to vote as well.


‘People seem to think that 16-year-olds don’t know enough about politics, but when we’re in the education system we are taught the National Curriculum which is supposed to set us up for life.


‘If that’s true, then it should teach us what we need in order to make informed decisions to vote. I learned about how the vote works during school, and I’m sure a lot of other people did too.’  


This project has been supported by Heathrow Community Fund


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Author: Molly Kersey


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