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Posted On: 15th Jun 2016

Fostered: The Inside Story

Kieran wants to give people an insight into living in foster care
Kieran hopes his booklet will help people understand how people living in care may feel

A group of young people who have lived in care have created a heart-wrenching book of poetry describing both the happy and sad moments from their childhood.


The book contains the submissions of youngsters from all over the South West and were collated by Kieran Allsopp, who spent the past year in care.


They created the book with support from Fixers to share the experience of being in care.


One teenager writes about the little brother he is missing, while another writes about the joys of spending Christmas day with his foster family.


Others, such as eight-year-old La, write about all the cats in her new home.


Kieran, 17, from Gloucester, says: 'I hope the project will give people an insight into foster care and make the lives of young people living in care better.’



Click on the book below to read.



The booklet will be shared with children going into foster care and also with services who want to provide better support young people by understanding more how they feel.


Kieran, who is studying IT at Gloucestershire College, says: 'When you tell someone you’re in foster care they usually jump to the conclusion that you have had a hard time with your parents being horrible, but there are many different reasons a child goes into care.


'I also want people to realise that there are two types of foster care. One is consensual, which is where the family or child feel they need to be in care and the other is where social services think the child needs to be taken out of a potentially harmful situation.'


Kieran, whose placement is consensual, says one of the most challenging aspects of the care system is having to change families.


He says: 'When I started living with my current foster carers it was a depressing time for me because I had to move from the city where all my friends were. I felt lonely and depressed.


'However being in foster care has helped me because I live in a more stress-free environment.'


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Author: Carrie Garrad


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