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Posted On: 21st Mar 2016

Respect on the Road

Fixer Antonia wants motorists to be more patient with new drivers
'Respect R Drivers' bumper sticker

A young driver from Antrim is putting the brakes on bad-mannered motorists who unnerve new drivers.


Antonia Cunningham, 19, got her licence last year, but tells Fixers how she’s often intimidated  by inpatient road users.


Her Fixers campaign urges motorists to have more consideration for new drivers.


‘In Northern Ireland, inexperienced drivers need to have R plates on their cars for a year after they pass, which means they are restricted to 45mph,’ says college student, Antonia.


‘I was once waiting at a busy roundabout and heard someone beeping behind me. Before I knew it, everyone was beeping and I got really panicked.


‘I have the same right to be on the road as anyone else. People should realise that they were once new drivers too.’


With Fixers, Antonia and her team have created a vehicle bumper sticker, which uses the slogan ‘Respect R Drivers.’


Click the image below to see a larger version:




‘I think it might help motorists to be more understanding on the road,’ she adds.


‘In my experience, people see your R plates and automatically have a negative view of you as a driver.


‘Our plan is to share the stickers with driving instructors and youth centres.


‘Hopefully, the campaign will make people think twice on the road and respect motorists of all abilities.’


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Author: N. Farooq


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