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Posted On: 25th Aug 2015

Mental Health Education

Fixer Amethyst Saynor
Members of the group play roles in the Fixers film
A scene from the Fixers film

A group from Sheffield, who feel that adults sometimes misjudge mental health conditions in young people, want to improve understanding of the issue.

Amethyst Saynor (21) and her team are determined to help make sure young people with mental health concerns are taken seriously, while tackling the stigma often attached to the illnesses.

‘I was bullied growing up, which affected my confidence and made me feel extremely low,' explains Amethyst, who was diagnosed with depression when she was 16.

‘I would dread going into college because it meant facing my tormentors.

‘But what’s even harder to handle is people saying ‘get a grip’ or thinking you're just a young person going through a ‘phase’.

‘It’s a serious issue and one that needs addressing. The important thing is creating more awareness and turning a taboo subject into one that people can talk about.’

With Fixers, the group have helped create a film to get their message across.

It’s set in an abandoned building to represent the feelings of isolation that many young people with mental health issues experience.

The film ends with an appeal to ‘move forward with mental health’, calling for progress in the way conditions are perceived, spoken about and treated.

Watch the group’s Fixers film at the top of this page.

‘I absolutely love the film,’ says Amethyst.

‘The idea was to show that the treatment of mental health needs to be taken out of the dark and into the light.

‘Hopefully this campaign can help to do that.’

The group plan to launch the film in November, sharing it with health care professionals, teachers, decision-makers and parents.

‘The goal is to show how mental health truly affects young people,’ Amethyst adds.

‘Addressing this is ultimately the key to helping others with their recovery.’

For more information and advice, visit www.mind.org.uk.

This Fixers project is supported by Simplyhealth.


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Author: N. Farooq


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