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Posted On: 22nd Jul 2015

Dealing With Diabetes

Fixer Frances Ryan
Behind the scenes of the Fixers film
The film shows a man checking blood glucose levels

A group of young people, who have type 1 diabetes, want to help doctors and nurses understand the daily challenges they face.

The team from Glasgow hope to highlight the effort it takes to monitor and manage their condition, which is caused by a lack of insulin in the body and is kept under control by checking blood glucose, taking medication and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

‘We want to show healthcare professionals what it is like living just one day in our shoes,’ explains 22-year-old Frances Ryan, spokesperson for the group.

‘There is a lot of expectation to manage things in a certain way, without the realisation of how much work that takes.

‘Many of the people on this project have had negative experiences with healthcare.

‘We face difficulties trying to explain what we do for our condition and then we feel judged when it doesn’t go to plan.’

With Fixers, the group have helped create a film to show the daily routine of someone with type 1 diabetes.

Its aim is to explain the constant attention the condition requires, with the main character needing to take 13 tests and injections a day.

You can watch the group's Fixers film ‘A Day In The Life: Type 1 Diabetes’ at the top of this page.

‘I think this resource will help give people a small insight into what work is put in every day,’ comments Frances.

‘It offers a start to a conversation that can improve the understanding of those around us.’

Frances and her team are planning to show their film at a conference for diabetes healthcare professionals later this year.  

‘We want others to consider a day in the life of a person with type 1 diabetes,’ she adds.

‘There is more to it than just taking injections.

‘If you really want to understand what it’s like for someone, just try talking to them.’

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Sandi McKechnie from Glasgow also has type 1 diabetes. See the website
she's created with Fixers to provide information for others with the condition.

Author: Cara Laithwaite


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