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Posted On: 23rd Sep 2015

Mind Your Mental Health

Fixer Emma Francis
Students are encouraged to talk about their worries in the Fixers film
A young person in the film

After she saw friends struggle with mental health issues, Emma Francis is encouraging students, who feel stressed, anxious or depressed, to talk about their emotions.

The 22-year-old and her team from Belfast want to reassure young people that they aren’t alone, urging those who feel down or worried to seek help from friends, family or a GP.

‘When someone close to you has a mental health issue, you kind of go through the experience with them,' explains Emma.

‘It can often take a lot of courage for young people to speak out.

'But it helps knowing they have someone there who is willing to listen.

‘It’s crucial that they tell someone, so their problems don’t develop into something worse.’

With Fixers, Emma and her team have worked on a film to help others their age be more mindful of their mental health.

It features a number of young people, who explain the importance of speaking openly about feelings, rather than bottling them up.

Watch the group’s Fixers film ‘Mind Your Mood’ at the top of this page.

‘I think the film is really well done,’ Emma says.

‘We want to challenge the stigma around mental health so that individuals feel they can speak about their issues.’

The group will show their film to students and invited guests at Queen’s University Belfast in October.

‘We plan to have a launch to coincide with the new academic year,’ Emma adds.

‘It is important young people don’t see mental illness as being a personal weakness and understand that talking about it is the first step to recovery.

‘You may be going through a hard time but there are people who will listen.'


This Fixers project is supported by Simplyhealth. 


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