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Posted On: 23rd Apr 2015

Cluster Headache Awareness

Fixer Chloe Bailey
The film highlights the symptoms of cluster headaches
Chloe appears in the Fixers film

By raising awareness of a debilitating condition that she feels is often misdiagnosed, Chloe Bailey hopes to help medical professionals better understand chronic cluster headaches.

The 26-year-old from Twemlow in Cheshire, who lives with the neurological disorder, can face multiple attacks a day.

‘I’ve had cluster headaches since I was a child and have faced prejudice due to my illness and doctors not knowing how to treat it,’ explains Chloe.

‘During the years I was misdiagnosed I came across a lot of ignorance. When I had attacks that I couldn’t cope with I was treated in A&E like I was a hypochondriac.

‘It is considered to be the most painful medical condition known to mankind. 

‘Having it means it’s difficult to make plans and so friendships can break down. There is a fear of when the next attack will come that is all-consuming and I have been unable to work because of this unpredictability.’

With Fixers, Chloe has helped create a film highlighting the symptoms of cluster headaches, which include hearing a loud ringing and feeling a burning sensation behind the eyes.

She hopes to educate others so that those with the condition can get a diagnosis and the support they need.

Watch Chloe’s Fixers film ‘Cluster Headaches’ at the top of this page.

‘I hope other sufferers see the film and know that they’re not alone,’ adds Chloe.

‘I also want medical professionals to watch it and see how detrimental these headaches are to a patient’s life.

‘I would be really proud if just one person receives a correct diagnosis quickly because the doctor has seen the film and recognised the symptoms.’


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