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Posted On: 16th Jul 2014

Cooking Made Fun

Fellow Fixer Carmen Beaton cooking burgers
Young people cooking
Young people in the kitchen during photshoot

While many teens opt for fast food, cooking enthusiast Danni McLaughlin hopes her passion for homemade meals will inspire other young people to take to the kitchen.


Worried that many her age are not given the chance to develop their culinary skills, the 18-year-old from Golspie, Scotland is encouraging peers to prepare their own meals.


‘I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but a lot of young people, for whatever reason, don’t get involved as much as they should,' explains Danni.


‘I think many find comfort in takeaway meals and grow up thinking they can buy everything readymade.


‘The truth is you don’t have to be a top chef to get started. I’m showing that cooking is all about having fun, experimenting and bringing people together.’


With Fixers, Danni and her team have created a Funky Food campaign - a guide to cooking creatively.


The group’s recipe cards give instructions on how to make meals such as apple strudel, gourmet burgers and cheesy nachos.


Click the image below to see their ‘Funky Food’ recipe cards.




Calling the resource “fantastic”, Danni adds: ‘We wanted to create some fun recipes that anyone can make with their family and friends.


‘They’re quite simple but still allow people to get hands-on and learn new things.’


The group plan to share the cards in local secondary schools, hoping they’ll be used as an educational resource in cookery classes.


Danni says: ‘It’s important that young people understand the basics of cooking from an early age.


‘Making food shouldn’t be seen as a chore. It’s fun and brings people closer.


‘Plus, eating something you've made is very satisfying and gives you a sense of accomplishment.


‘If more people are inspired to start cooking because of our project, then I’ll be happy.’


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Author: N. Farooq


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