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Posted On: 1st Apr 2014

Cosmetic Surgery Fix On ITV

Fixer Zoe Wyatt
Fixer Tayler is fitted with a prosthetic nose in the film
Dr Chang Hong Liu, Professor of Psychology

Regretting her decision to have cosmetic surgery, a Fixer from Hampshire is urging other young people to think twice before going under the knife.


Watch Zoe's story, broadcast on ITV News Meridian (W) in April 2014, above.


Last year, 20-year-old Zoe Wyatt from Sparsholt near Winchester had an operation to adjust her jaw as she wasn’t happy with the way she looked.


She’s since realised there was nothing wrong with her appearance and is campaigning to make other young adults aware of the seriousness of cosmetic surgery.


‘I wish I’d thought more carefully about it because I didn’t realise how long recovery would be,’ she says.


‘Cosmetic surgery is turning into the norm – everyone knows someone who’s had it done.


‘People follow models and if they have a cosmetic procedure then others want it too, so they can look like them.’


With Fixers, Zoe is working on a film to demonstrate that cosmetic surgery is irreversible.


The idea is to show young women shopping for replacement body parts - browsing for new noses and lips in the same way they’d select makeup.


In the broadcast, Zoe visits Arts University Bournemouth, where students are creating prosthetic noses, ears and breasts to be used as props in her Fixers film.


Dr Chang Hong Liu, Professor of Psychology at neighbouring Bournemouth University, also appears in the TV piece in support of Zoe’s campaign.


‘There is good evidence that cosmetic surgery can create positive effects in a person’s life,’ he explains.


‘However, this expectation of a positive outcome can be unrealistically high.


‘I think, particularly if people have confidence problems, they should consult a psychologist before going through this kind of procedure.’


Zoe adds: ‘Cosmetic surgery isn’t the same as dying your hair or changing your makeup.


‘I hope to make people realise you can’t just turn back what’s happened overnight – you can’t stop what you’ve done.


‘When it’s done, you have to live with it.’


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Author: Emily Tolloczko


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