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Fixers Northern Ireland Launch Wall





On 22nd April 2013, young people, politicians and celebrities gathered for the launch of Fixers in Northern Ireland at a colourful event at Stormont, the Northern Ireland Assembly building.


More than 80 people attended the event, which was hosted by UTV Presenter, Marc Mallett, and co-sponsored by MLAs Megan Fearon and Paula Bradley. (click image for more)



Megan Fearon, MLA for Newry and Armagh (at 21, the UK’s youngest parliamentarian):


"The concept of Fixers - young people coming together to fix problems in their areas - is an excellent one."




Watch why you should become a Fixer in Northern Ireland!





























Edwin Poots, Health Minister:


“Fixers is a way to encourage young people that they do have a sense of self-worth, that they do have goals to aim for and that life can be kind to them if they go out and apply themselves.  We look forward to working with Fixers over the course of the coming months and years.”




Paula Bradley, MLA for North Belfast:


“We welcome Fixers to Northern Ireland. Anything that can help young people and empower them to make a difference in their own lives and communities is fantastic.”



 Patricia Lewsley-Mooney,
Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People:


“The United Nations Convention for Children makes it clear that young people have a right to have a say in decisions that affect their lives and to have the right to freedom of expression. Throughout my time as commissioner I have encouraged children and young people to campaign on their issues, and support any organisation that does this.”



Marc Mallett, UTV Presenter:


“We cannot underestimate the importance of Fixers. Too often the news agenda in Northern Ireland is filled with stories about the past and politics, while the real issues that young people are facing are sometimes ignored or forgotten.  So Fixers is vitally important as a way for young people to tell their stories.”







Sean McAteer (L) with Davey Cosgrove, Fixers from Belfast:


"Doing this project has been amazing for us, because usually you don’t see people giving the younger ones a say and we just think Fixers is brilliant because of that. They are giving us a voice, to speak, and also it’s given other younger people a voice."


Darwin Templeton, Head of News & Content at UTV:


“UTV is pleased to be working as a media partner with Fixers in Northern Ireland - and to have the opportunity to shine a light on the very positive work young people are doing within their communities.”





Gary Symington, Lighthouse:


 "The work of Fixers is excellent - it gives young people a real sense of ownership and that's a bit of a luxury when you're a teenager."



Jonny Lennox, Fixer from Magherafelt:

"Fixers gives young people a platform that they would never get on their own."



Robin Swann MLA, Fixer Sean McAteer, Roy Beggs MLA and Fixer Davey Cosgrove




Peter Osborne, Big Lottery Fund



“I am delighted that the Big Lottery Fund has awarded funding to support the development of Fixers in Northern Ireland. The grant will allow many more young people who have faced challenging situations to tell their story, achieve positive impacts and ultimately help fix their cause.”


Margo Horsley, Chief Executive of PSBT:


“What I've found interesting about the young people I've met over the last few years and in Northern Ireland is how driven they can be when they use their experience to help someone else. But they need the freedom to do it their own way. They have a voice and that affects us all.”




Trevor Clarke, MLA for South Antrim:


"Thank you Fixers for the great presentation. It was great to meet new people and it was very moving to see that young people want to be involved and change things for the best. I wish Fixers a successful future, and encourage the team to continue their hard work."





Zoe Salmon, TV Presenter


“It is fantastic that Fixers has arrived in Northern Ireland. The whole concept of sharing a problem to fix a problem is really exciting.  The premise is so simple.  People always say it’s good to talk and that’s essentially what this is."





Basil McCrea, MLA:









To mark the end of the Northern Ireland launch event at Stormont, a group of Fixers and TV Presenter Zoe Salmon punctuated the moment by playfully popping the colourful bundle of balloons...and had a good laugh while doing it!

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