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Name: Ashley Wright
Age: 18
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Andover, Hampshire
Campaign: To secure better support for young people having suicidal thoughts

The number of young people committing suicide is far too high and it’s something I’m really concerned about.


I have a friend who has attempted suicide and while I’ve been able to offer him support, I think more needs to be done to help young people when they are at their lowest.


With Fixers, and the rest of my team, I’ve created a documentary.


We hope it will show the need for a support service and therefore help to try to prevent further deaths.

Here is a list of Fixers helping me with my Fix: 

Kerri Mostynlloyd
Yasmin Jemmett
Erica Alford
James Hanson
Celeste Ingrams
Jess Bell
Russell Ingrem
Josh Coding
Summer Clark
Louis Taylor

Adam Perry

Keiron Humphreys

Matthew Doyle

Haydn Gilbert

Matthew Doyle

Daniel Leach
Stephen Alien
Luke Ballcer
Sophia Baker
Charlotte Irvine
Craig Sams 
Daniel Foster Frost
Adam Hammond

Charles Lusram
Peter Down

Francesca Dam


Simon Bryant, Consultant in Public Health at Hampshire County Council
Simon Bryant supports my Fix. He agreed to be interviewed to appear in my broadcast piece.

Cllr Iris Andersen, Mayor of Test Valley
Cllr Iris Andersen supports my project. She shared her experiences in my broadcast film.

The Junction, Andover
Paula, Chaz and the team at The Junction in Andover have given me their backing. They allowed me to screen my Fixers film there.

Andover Community Action Group
Nikki Irvine and the team support my Fixers project. They attended the screening of my Fixers film.

Andover Advertiser
The team at the Andover Advertiser gave us permission to use some of their newspaper headlines in my broadcast piece.

Test Valley Borough Council

My local council are supporting this project by providing information about where young people can seek help to tackle suicidal thoughts. We understand they are interested in setting up a meeting with us.


The team at Alabaré support our campaign. A representative attended a screening of our Fixers film.


Mo Sweeney, Test Valley Community Services

Thank you to Mo Sweeney for agreeing to be interviewed for my broadcast piece and for supporting my campaign.

March 2014
I met our local MP, Sir George Young, to discuss our project.

Sir George provided the following feedback:

‘I had a very useful meeting with Ashley, against a background of the tragic number of young suicides in the town in recent months.

‘Ashley knew a number of those who took their own lives, and is anxious to reach out to and help others who face similar despair.

‘He has a team of friends who share his commitment.’

He’s asked that we let him know how our project progresses.


Fixer Ashley Wright meets North West Hampshire MP, Sir George Young


December 2013
An article about our Fix was published on the front page of the Andover Advertiser. Click on the image below to read it.


A screening has been held at The Junction in Andover to show our Fixers film.


Around twenty people attended including representatives from Test Valley Borough Council, Hampshire Constabulary, Alabaré, Simply Health and Andover Foodbank.


Fixers Young Person's Coordinator, Wayne, gives an introduction at the screening.


We received the following feedback:


Vanessa Brown, Care and Support Manager for Alabaré Care’s young people’s services:


‘I thought it was very powerful – that was my first impression. It is just so poignant. I think that the young people voicing their opinions is more powerful than anything.


‘I’m going to investigate if there is the possibility of setting up a text service or some kind of Freephone service for young people when they need someone to talk to. For me, it’s a reminder of the work I need to continue doing.’


Michelle Evans, Youth Engagement Worker at The Junction:


‘The film and the subject matter are very emotive. My response is to want to do something to make it better.


‘Up until now this is an issue that’s been quite hidden.  Bringing it out in the open will mean people can’t deny what’s going on.’


Nicole Bailey-Lowe (25):


‘I think the film was brilliant. It must be put into schools as these issues must be addressed.


‘If you know someone has gone through similar experiences you won’t feel so alone anymore.’


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