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Mohammad Awais - Education Over Crime for Young People - Bradford

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Name: Mohammad Awais
Age: 18
Year of the Fix: 2013
Location: Bradford
Campaign: Education Over Crime for Young People

I know what it's like – a life of crime, that is. Having been on the other side, I now want to help young people take a better path in life.


A lot of young people take the crime route as it is seen as easy and better. But in the long term, it's really not.


I think my parents splitting up when I was young had a massive influence over me along with one of my best friends passing away.


I found it very hard but now I've learned my lessons and want to do something that will help others.


I think it's better for young people when they hear advice from the mouths of other young people because they can relate to them more.


Working with Fixers, I want to inspire others who may be in the same situation I was. 


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