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'Georgia' - Highs and Lows - Southern England

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Name: 'Georgia'
Age: 19
Year of the Fix: 2012
Location: Southern England
Campaign: Highs and Lows

Unfortunately,  for my own safety, I am not allowed to reveal my real name.


My story starts when I was working behind a bar. I enjoyed my job and the people I worked with, but what they didn’t know is that I was homeless. After my shift, I would walk the streets looking to meet people I could go home with so that I had somewhere to stay.


After a while, I met a guy and he took me under his wing. I stayed with him for a while and quickly went from having nothing to having everything. He bought me clothes and make-up and we’d go out partying. He always paid for me and bought me drink and drugs, and I soon got hooked.


I thought everything was going well until he had some friends to stay. One of them suggested that they should all take advantage of me . This scared me and I suddenly felt very unsafe. I left the flat… and never went back. I decided that I would sort my life out with proper help from people who really cared rather than someone who was just using me.


I became a Fixer, along with another guy who lives in the same place as me, and we produced a short film based on our experiences of what can happen if you start relying on drink and drugs. We have almost opposite stories – he started with everything and lost it all, and I started with nothing and thought I gained everything.


I’m doing really well now and have started to rebuild my life. I have a part-time job and am enrolled on a college course which starts in September.


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