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Name: Rhianna Naughton
Age: 18
Year of the Fix: 2012
Location: London
Campaign: Young people in care are often expected to get into trouble but I'm putting the record straight...

When I was younger we had quite a few family issues at home that I can’t go into here... My sister and I ended up being put into care about 6 years ago. Unfortunately, because we weren’t small children, we were split up and sent to different foster homes.


We both went from home to home and some of them weren’t very nice places at all. I was bullied in school because I was ‘in care’ and I was labelled by everyone as a ‘trouble’. People just assumed that it was my fault that I was in care and that I had done something so bad that I needed to be separated from my family.


I had joined a group for fostered children and when Fixers came to visit us, we decided to start our own project. With the help of singer/songwriter Kadeem, we decided to produce a song about growing up in care and being judged by society. Just because I am in care it doesn’t mean that I am a no-hoper, it doesn’t mean that I am going to get into drink and drugs, that I am going to end up homeless or in prison or that I am going to end up unemployed or with unplanned pregnancies.


We wanted to show everyone that we have aspirations and dream just like other young people and we are capable of achieving them too.


After we wrote the song we also produced a music video for the track. This music video has been seen all over the country as well as in Indianapolis, USA – so it’s gone International! 

I'd like to thank the following people for helping me with my Fix:


Naomi Naughton Terri-Jayne Elliot
Elisavet Manazi Kadeem Boyce
Kurt Kingswood Dammir Boyce
Sophia Lacovou  


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