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'Alice' - To raise awareness of domestic abuse in LGBT relationships - Caerphilly, southern Wales

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Name: 'Alice'
Age: 24
Year of the Fix: 2016
Location: Caerphilly, southern Wales
Campaign: To raise awareness of domestic abuse in LGBT relationships

I met my ex when I was 19. At first the relationship was fine, but after six months her anger started to come out. 


I was pushed, beaten and shouted at. She would demand money from me and when I wouldn't give it to her she would take my wallet and beat me. 


We lived together in a shared house. I wanted to go and see my friends and family but she wouldn't let me leave and would lock me in my room for hours at a time. 


I felt lost and broken. 


After a year and a half I knew that I had to leave. I opened up to my friends, ended the relationship and moved back in with my parents. I've come to terms with what happened and realised that I was never the problem. 


I made the film with Fixers because I wanted to highlight LGBT domestic violence and show that it's not something that is exclusive to heterosexual couples. 


I want to share my story so that other people don't feel like they're on their own. 


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