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Kerry Hooton - Encouraging understanding of eating disorders - Newark

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Kerry H

Kerry H

Name: Kerry Hooton
Age: 23
Year of the Fix: 2016
Location: Newark
Campaign: Encouraging understanding of eating disorders

Anorexia has had a massive impact on my life and it’s something I’ve struggled with for over four years.


Looking back I developed a problem with eating in 2010 but my illness wasn’t diagnosed as an eating disorder until 2014.


During that time my weight dropped severely. I was so weak I had to stop work, I lost friends and my social life became non-existent.


I believe there is a stigma attached to having an eating disorder and being anorexic.


With Fixers help I want to increase awareness about anorexia in the hope other young people will spot the signs sooner and seek help before their condition becomes serious.


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