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William Hawcroft - To raise awareness of bullying - Rotherham, South Yorkshire

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William Hawcroft

William Hawcroft

Name: William Hawcroft
Age: 18
Year of the Fix: 2016
Location: Rotherham, South Yorkshire
Campaign: To raise awareness of bullying

Many of my friends have been negatively affected by bullying. It can destroy lives.


I wanted to help people get an insight of bullying from both sides of the fence. 


So with Fixers, I helped create a film that shows what bullying feels like from the perspective of both bully and a person who is bullied.


My hope is that one day, people will be more accepting of those who look or act differently from the ‘norm’.


Be someone your future self would be proud of.

Thanks to Daniel McCann and Andrew Mooton who helped on this projected by acting in the film.

Mick Ogden, MyPlaceRotherham helped on location and provided workspace during this project.


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